Telematics is a mature industry based typically on utilising GSM/GPRS technologies however the challenge is when the genset you need to monitor is outside GSM coverage. For example in remote locations such as offshore oil platforms, unmanned platforms or offshore wind farms far from land.

iRAMS Gensets addresses this telecommunications coverage gap by using cost effective, optimised low latency global satellite technology so you are able to monitor and control your genset wherever it might be.

A recent order for 100 iRAMS gensets was supplied to a leading renewables company operating a Wind Farm in the North Sea requiring temporary power generators during construction.

The client needed to be able to monitor and control temporary power gensets deployed on 100 wind turbines offshore under construction far from land and outside traditional GSM/GPRS coverage.

To ensure the vessel refuelling logistics was optimised a specific requirement for iRAMS was alerting when the genset fuel levels were below 75% to comply with the KPI`s of the support contract.  This meant the operator was able to maximise the refuelling efficiency logistics by directing the vessels to generators requiring refuelling rather than relying on an inefficient refuelling schedule based on estimated fuel consumption assumptions.

iRAMS significantly lowered the operational costs with remote diagnostics alerting when a genset was not operating correctly based on configurable parameters set by the operator.   In addition it substantially increased efficiency by reducing the requirement for unplanned physical site visits to locations.  With offshore unplanned maintenance, expenses can often reach in excess of $10,000-$15000 a day if engineers need to be physically deployed.

After the installation phase of iRAMS on occasion unauthorised 3rd party contractors were interfering with the operation by opening the Generator service door and manually turning the generators off when on site.  These events distorted the gensets reported uptimes and potentially impacting on the KPI`s meaning financial penalties for the operators.  iRAMS for Generators was able to record and report on these instances and send email alerts to the operator alerting them of any changes in status including when the generator door had been physically opened and closed.

When these events occurred iRAMS offered a solution. iRAMS under controlled conditions and following safety protocols provides an authorised operator shoreside via a PC, tablet or even a smart phone with an internet connection the facility via the iRAMS graphic user interface to remotely restart the generator avoiding the need for an engineer to physically visit the site.