iRAMS - Genset Remote Management System

iRAMS - Intelligent Remote Asset Management System For Generators



Diesel-powered portable or static power generator sets are an expensive asset to maintain particularly in offshore or remote land based locations. Typically conditions can be harsh, very often expensive to send maintenance engineers and where there can be little or no terrestrial land based or GSM based communications to remotely monitor and manage your asset.

A new non intrusive telematics and SCADA type solution called iRAMS using global satellite technology addresses all these challenges.   With the massive expansion of low latency satellite networks, coupled with greatly reduced costs for low bandwidth mobile satellite data, has now significantly improved the economic viability of remotely managing and controling gensets worldwide using satellite technology.        



  •  Global Telematics: remotely using SCADA satellite technology, iRAMS is a self-contained and independent global solution which communicates with gensets worldwide
  •  Monitors: iRAMS users can monitor a wide variety of operational, alarms, faults and fuel usage parameters to monitor the efficiency and health of the genset via a PC/smart phone with an internet connection
  •  Controls: users can remotely start and stop under controlled conditions, reset, change mode, configure thresholds, download raw data and schedule reports
  •  Alerts: when an event is detected the user can choose to receive a notification by email
  •  User interface: users are supplied with an intuitive and simple to use iRAMS web based Graphic User Interface (GUI) to enable them to manage, monitor, report and control the genset




  • Global satellite coverage – fit and forget
  • No lost data – auto buffering minimum 30 days  
  • SOTA: software update over air
  • OTA – over the air full snapshot diagnostic log option
  • OTA - HRD – over the air high resolution data report option
  • Battery backup option: up to 6 hours operation without mains power
  • Non-intrusive small form factor satellite modem connects to MODBUS Controller
  • Low profile IP 67 satellite antenna
  • Dust and water ingress: transceiver: IP54
  • Vibration: SAE J1455 (Sec fig 6-8); MIL-STD-810G
  • Shock: MIL-STD-810G (Sec 516.6)
  • Operating temperature: transceiver and antenna: -40°C to +85°C

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