The Vessel Monitoring System (VMS+) 2nd generation dual channel (satellite and GPRS) transponder was specifically developed for the monitoring of fishing vessels in the harsh European waters. In addition to standard and secure positional data outputs and bidirectional communication, the VMS+ terminal incorporates several new and unique features.

Vessel Monitoring System devices (

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS+)

The terminal has an integrated design in which all electronic circuitry, antennas, GPS receiver, GPRS and satellite communication channels as well as back-up rechargeable batteries are housed in one compact unit above the vessel’s deck. All EU reporting data is transmitted via an Iridium satellite based communication service (SCS). The GPRS channel is primarily used for inshore reporting, which is formatted to conform to national and inshore requirements.

An important feature of the VMS+ terminal is the dynamic reporting. Up to 100 (one hundred) geographical areas (polygons and associated rules) in the form of geo fences can be remotely uploaded, edited, activated/deactivated etc. for each and every terminal. Pre-defined National and EU control area co-ordinates (geo fences), are uploaded from the land based servers over the air. EU geo fence crossing and Vessel Monitoring System positions are transmitted through the Iridium Satellite Communication Services (SCS), while National geo fence entering or exiting and associated Vessel Monitoring System positions are transmitted either through SCS or GPRS communication channels – depending upon the rules set for each or every AST VMS+ terminal. Also included in the terminal is the ability to transmit Electronic Logbook Reports. All that is required is a USB to ConBox cable that connects easily to the terminal and your laptop.

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Specifications page 1

VMS+ specifications page 1

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