Following a tender process, AST MSL was awarded a contract to supply a satellite GPS based tracking solution to provide DEFRA (Department For Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) with evidence of vessel positions in support of the Environmentally Responsible Fishing pilot project.

In order for the UK Government to manage a sustainable fisheries sector, DEFRA ran a one year study to monitor the catches and discards of inshore fishing vessels less than 15 meters in length. 31 vessels are involved in the trial from 3 ports, Hartlepool, Lowestoft and Thames Estuary.

The tracking solution, VMS Lite, was developed as an inexpensive satellite vessel monitoring solution for transmitting vessel position information including time, date, course and speed. A secure mapping application provided real time monitoring of assets as well as course history with remote access as required.

AST MSL provide installation, maintenance and support of the satellite equipment for the duration of the contract period.

The AST MSL VMS Lite solution provides position reports every 15 minutes whilst at sea, automatically entering sleep mode when in-port.

For further information on this solution and other fisheries based projects please contact AST MSL Marine Sciences.