AST Marine Sciences Ltd is pleased to announce that it will be providing Briggs Marine based in Fife, Scotland, with iRAMS satellite telematics vessel management solution to their two latest build 13.6 meter ORC pilot vessels made by Goodchild Marine, to increase efficiency.

The benefit of installing iRAMS to vessels has been proven with a number of companies around the world now installing the satellite telematics vessel management solution to their fleet. iRAMS is a solution that reduces costs, allows shoreside and fleet managers control and increases the health and safety of the crew on board.

iRAMS monitors, reports and alerts not only on the vessel location, but more importantly on the vessels performance. The remote asset management system sends alerts if there is an issue found with the vessel, often before the crew are aware.

User configurable alerts are sent in near real-time, shoreside, on a wide range of parameters including; engine performance, fuel consumption, fuel burn rate, RPM, temperature, exhaust temperature, oil pressure, boost, throttle and even driver behaviour including how the vessel is being skippered.

Steve Mitchell at AST Marine Sciences Ltd, commented “We have worked with Briggs Marine before on their fleet of vessels as they have relentless demands to improve their vessel operational efficiency and providing additional safety to their crew. We have tailored iRAMS specifically for the workboat sector and it is a solution that gives companies like Briggs Marine peace of mind, knowing that their vessels and crew are operating safely and more efficiently”.