iRAMS is attractive to shoreside vessels owners and Fleet Managers as they can monitor report and alert not only on the vessels location but most importantly on the vessels operational performance.

This improves health and safety to the crew on board as it makes them aware of any issues with the vessel.

User configurable alerts and reports are sent on a wide range of parameters including;

  • Engine performance
  • Fuel consumption and fuel burns rate
  • RPM
  • Temperature
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Throttle position
  • Driver behaviour and how the vessel is being skippered.
  • Geofences

These telematics type solutions have been available to shoreside Fleet Managers, HGV trucks, buses and trains for many years, and the benefits of using iRAMS is well established.

With iRAMS being introduced to the maritime sector for the first time, this means Fleet Managers and vessel owners can have peace of mind that their vessel and crew are operating safely worldwide.

Nick Bright and Paul Brown at Brown & Bright reports; “In such a competitive and increasingly regulatory environment we wanted to make sure that we were working with a company that understood our requirements. AST Marine Sciences Ltd was able to tailor iRAMS to improve our productivity, efficiency and the safety of our vessels and crew.  Improving how we run our vessels is becoming a bigger focus for us year on year, we want to be able to prove to our clients that we are operating to a high standard and committed to the safety of the crew”.

David Davies at AST Marine Sciences Ltd commented; “Introducing iRAMS into the maritime industry, specifically the fishing sector, has enabled Brown & Bright to improve their vessels operational efficiency and increased their crew’s safety.”