The technical requirement from Pharos Marine Automatic Power was for a solution to monitor and feedback live data from their solar-powered obstruction lighting skid. The skid was installed on an unmanned offshore platform in the North Sea (outside GSM coverage) and required telemetry in near real-time to demonstrate the obstruction lighting was functioning correctly and meeting KPI’s.

AST MSL worked quickly to develop our iRAMS I/O solution which is designed to be a modular stand-alone system where the CPU is expandable via I/O cards enabling expansion from 1 to 200 points of analogue and digital I/O depending on the architecture of the application. This offers a very flexible solution for monitoring and feeding back data from basic through to complicated control systems via satellite. iRAMS I/O can also communicate via Modbus and serial ports directly from a PLC interface making it a truly robust solution for many industrial/environmental control applications.

iRAMS I/O live data is transmitted over satellite and displayed in the secure user web-based portal which can be viewed anywhere in the world via PC or mobile device.

The system alerts to any issues on the remote skid and offers remote diagnostics and fault finding to reduce visit time and expense while maintaining decommissioned offshore platforms.

Solar Panel Array