ATLAS (Asset Telemetry Logic and Aggregation Service) is a scalable, secure cloud based M2M telemetry service combined with an API to make the data available in your own application if required.

This means we can rapidly integrate and support new M2M devices and sensors for a fast turnaround and make available the data to you not only quickly but cost effectively.


  • Scalable Cloud based telemetry aggregation for multiple devices and device types
  • All device telemetry available using a robust API
  • World wide availability for fast and efficient access
  • Asset management and an extensible customisable data structure.
  • 3rd party gateway/TCPIP/UDP endpoints for multiple device communication methods.
  • Authentication/authorisation management to control the accessibility of your data.
  • Customisable web interface for asset monitoring and management.
  • Fast turnaround to support new device types.


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