GAP (Global Alerting Platform) – VMS shore side application

Provided as part of AST`s suite of solutions is GAP, an advanced, resilient (web based -hosted in the cloud) vessel monitoring system application with a wide range of asset alerting/reporting functionality.  GAP is scalable and future proof by way of a multitude of GSM and satellite GPS tracking devices are already integrated into it.

This means you are able to deploy a range of different tracking devices combined with the Guardian SMART phone monitoring apps, all in the field and view them all within one single application –  GAP.   This also means you are able to upgrade devices in the field without the need to change the back office applications each time a device comes to the end of its economic life.

Gap reports and retains in the history the following positional data including accuracy of GPS:  date, course, speed, heading, lat/long, carrier, alert, battery status and battery charge state.

Marine Protected Areas or any specific area of interest can be protected by simply adding a geozone or a geofence into GAP.  This means any vessel entering, crossing or exiting the pre-defined geozone can be identified, reported and alerted on.

MPA are rarely uniform therefore GAP is very flexible with three types of geofences which can be defined – line, circle or polygon.  In the example below a geofence has been set across the port entrance which means GAP will report and alert each time the vessel leaves and returns to port.

Vessel positional and diagnostic data can be readily exported from GAP in Excel, kml or gpx formats for more detailed analysis:

  • Messages
  • Dashboard
  • Export vessel data





Export vessel data

Export vessel data in csv, kml and gps format

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