iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring system) is a generic term for a VMS vessel tracking and monitoring solution using inexpensive cellular 3G/GSM/GPRS networks rather than global satellite.

Inshore vessel monitoring systems (iVMS) are typically used to monitor artisanal or smaller fishing vessels under 12 meters working closer inshore for the sustainable management of MPA (Marine Protected Areas), closed areas and inshore fisheries.   The ability to use inexpensive multiple cellular networks for maximum coverage, combined with store and forward technology (buffer position report and transmit when in coverage) means VMS solutions using cellular are now a viable alternative to satellite for inshore or artisanal fishing fleets.

With cellular coverage extending as far as 12 nautical miles from the coast, one size does not fit all. AST offer a range of solutions from a simple to use SMART phone VMS monitoring APP downloaded onto a fisher’s phone, or a mains power independent solar charged iVMS solution through to an advanced UK MMO (Marine Management Approved) Blue Traker iVMS with winch sensor technology.

AST`s range of iVMS solutions that can be tailored to your fishery’s inshore vessel monitoring requirements:

  • Artisanal fisheries
  • Small scale fisheries
  • Inshore fisheries

Artisanal fisheries

Designed for artisanal, small scale fisheries:

    • Guardian SMART phone vessel monitoring APP
    • AVMS – tracker suitable for vessels with intermittent or no mains power. In built GPS, anti tamper technology, internal high capacity long life rechargeable batteries and marinised solar panel.


Small scale fisheries

Designed for inshore and small scale fisheries:

  • iVMS Xtreme – robust, small form factor IP67 housing  cellular tracker with built in GPS and rechargeable batteries including anti tamper sensor.
  • AVMS – tracker suitable for vessels with intermittent or no mains power. In built anti tamper technology, high capacity rechargeable batteries and marinised solar panel.

Inshore fisheries

Designed for inshore fisheries:

  • BT iVMS
  • Advanced remote diagnostics with winch sensor technology module
  • Shore side telematics data server for diagnostics, remote configuration and OTA upgrades

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