iRAMS I/O is a flexible, expandable and efficient IOT remote monitoring solution over satellite and/or cellular that collects, stores and reports on data from remote locations.

Multiple analogue, digital or MODBUS I/O protocol inputs available means a broad range of (wireless options available) sensors or devices can be integrated.

Data is delivered to an intelligent secure web-based portal accessed via any internet enabled device, PC, tablet.

Cut staff costs & risk

Sending your people to distant desert, forest, mountain or offshore sites for remote data collection isn’t just expensive, it’s risky for them and unreliable for you. If distances are great or access is affected by weather, the timeliness of data collection will be impacted too.

Sensor Management – Remotely configure sensor settings, logging interval and alarm thresholds of each data channel.


iRAMS I/O eliminates these risks to your people and business with smart satellite remote monitoring. You can configure, install and leave one iRAMS I/O device at each remote location, to collect and transmit data continuously and reliably for as little as $1 per day.  You can access all your data and reports and control all your devices centrally via the user-friendly iRAMS I/O web portal, from wherever you are.

Slash setup & running costs

If you need to monitor both multiple parameters and multiple sites, it could be expensive if you rely on bespoke devices. They’re also complex to install, costly to maintain and difficult to reconfigure, if your needs change or those of external authorities.

Flexible hardware solutions

iRAMS I/O cuts your capital and operation costs, with an off-the-shelf Plug & Play device which is fast to configure and install—in 3 minutes— even by non-technical staff.

With a wide choice of solar or long-life battery power, iRAMS I/O is also hands-off to maintain and economical to run.

Ensure reliable data & fast response

Remote sites are often outside 3G/4G coverage, or topography and weather affect signal reliability. If monitoring is vital to your business, you can’t risk patchy or late data transmission.

iRAMS I/O can also communicate via satellite, using the global Inmarsat network, assuring reliable, continuous data transmission and control of your devices, from anywhere in the world.


Accessed via a secure web based portal enabling your assets location, data, reports, status and alerts to be displayed.

The iRAMS IO portal provides a ‘Device View Editor’ which allows you to build unique pages to visualize the data logged by your device. It is an intuitive drag and drop interface, so you can easily and quickly build your views. These views can then be saved against the current device and copied to other devices, to simplify setup of multiple devices.



You can create the following types of widgets in the editor, these can be added to the device view by just clicking the desired button on the left of the page.

  • Line Chart: Dual axis line charts that can display historical data from multiple fields.
  • Bar Chart: Single axis bar charts that can display historical data from a single field.
  • Thermometer: A thermometer graphic that displays the latest value of a field visually and numerically.
  • Compass: A compass graphic that displays the latest value of a field visually.
  • Gauge: A gauge graphic that will display the latest value of a field visually with a needle between a min and max value.
  • Liquid Gauge: A gauge graphic that will display the latest value of a field visually.
  • Wind Rose Plot: A rose plot that can either display historical data from a field as Frequency By Direction or Average Speed By Direction
  • Digital Display: Displays the latest value of a field numerically
  • Heading: Displays a heading, which can be customised.
  • Map: Displays a Google Map with a pin on the location of the device


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