IRIS gives you real-time visibility of all your assets in remote locations, wherever they are in the world – from ships, vehicles, cargo and people to wildlife and hot air balloons.

Collect data on key operational parameters such as location, pressure & flow, temperature, speed, altitude and battery life.

IRIS is primarily for monitoring assets connected via satellite, but also supports GSM and fixed network devices, therefore is an ideal solution where satellite is either the primary or secondary network.

Two-way messaging allows secure, low-cost communications with devices and lone workers in the field.

Application features:
– Fully auditable reporting with historic and interactive functionality
– Panic alerts, audible and by SMS and e-mail
– Geo-fencing is user definable and free-form

  • Asset Tracking
  • M2M Applications
  • Remote Configuration

Asset Tracking

Whether you need to track lone-workers, expensive machinery, wild animals, or any other valuable asset in remote locations, IRIS provides the perfect Location Based Services (LBS) solution.

Offering satellite, street and traditional map views available via multiple mapping software options including:

  • Google
  • BING
  • Street view

M2M Applications

IRIS supports a diverse range of satellite IoT applications, from asset tracking, pipeline management and environmental monitoring to smart grids and agri-tech.

Developed by AST’s in-house team, it can be easily customised to meet your unique requirements for rapid implementation of new IoT use cases.

  • Monitor remote assets real-time
  • Collect asset data on location, temperature, speed, altitude, battery life…
  • Interrogate devices

Remote Configuration

Location Based Services (LBS) give you complete visibility of where all your assets are to improve decision making and operational efficiency.

  • Change terminal passwords
  • Set custom geo-fencing
  • Configure watchdog
  • Smart device compatible
  • Supports AES 256 encryption


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