AST’s satellite tracking solution, onsat-track is a powerful & flexible web-based satellite tracking solution enabling fleet management as well as singular asset monitoring services via multiple satellite networks. onsat-track provides coverage in regions where terrestrial solutions may have limited, unreliable or restricted service.


onsat-track is a complete end-to-end solution providing near-real time position reporting for your global assets, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Managing & monitoring assets is convenient & simple via the secure web-based mapping solution, enabling access to the information needed when it suits you most. Reporting frequencies can be set to match customer requirements.


  • Wide range of tracking hardware available ranging from; satellite phones & handheld tracking units to fixed terminals
  • Track by position, speed & direction
  • Remote configuration (asset dependant)
  • Alerts based on speed, start, stop & power on & off
  • Ongoing software upgrades of the latest technology
  • Reporting & management capabilities
  • Asset management & reporting

How it works

onsat-track works by obtaining a position via the GPS network of a particular asset & transmits this information via a satellite or GSM signal (on compatible hardware) to a central server for processing. The asset information is then viewed via a secure web-based mapping solution with programmable user access levels.

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