The PMS software is a system which allows vessel owners and operators to schedule and plan maintenance of the vessel.

The master copy of the PMS is located on the vessel, and a duplicate copy with reduced functionality is located at the owner’s onshore base to be used by the owner. The owner is able to make changes (for example, create and delete jobs and change schedules) but does not enable them to issue work orders or enter work done. Any changes the owner makes can be relayed to the vessel in an ‘update file’ sent as an attachment to an email or, for vessels with internet access, via the internet.

The basic system requirements required for the PMS are:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional (SP3)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (SP1)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (SP1) or 2008

The Core Software

The basic system features a planned maintenance section based on a tree structure containing the list of machines/equipment to be maintained. Each item on the tree can have an unlimited number of jobs attached.

A traffic light system gives a visual indication of the status of each job.

Jobs are can be issued by printing out a work order, which identifies the Item and details the work to be done. A copy of it is automatically placed on the work orders page where it remains until the work is completed.

A description of the work done is entered into the work order which is then sent to the Workbooks.

Reports of work done between specific dates and on selected items can be printed or saved to a text file. Job scheduling can be based calendar dates, running hours or events. The tab to the right labelled ‘Tips & FAQ’s’ (frequently asked questions) is for staff to convey information about recurring problems and difficult to trace faults to future vessel staff.

Ship’s Certificates

The certificates required for the vessel are contained on the Certificates page. A listing of the certificates and their inspection/renewal dates is shown and a traffic-light system highlights the status of each one. Copies of the originals are stored as PDF files which can be uploaded on board or by using the office based program to deliver them, in either case the office system will show the date each one arrived on board, and whether or not it was opened for inspection.

Optional software modules

Option 1:
Spare Parts & Consumables System Module

A Spare Parts & Consumables system can be supplied that fully integrates with the planned maintenance system. Parts and materials used can be dragged onto work orders and automatically deducted from stock. Minimum stock level alarms can be set on/off for individual parts/consumables for example it able to warn when lubricating oil stocks approach minimum level. Alarms can also be set on other matters such as expiry dates, drugs and medicines.

A traffic light system gives a visual indication of stock levels and expiry dates.

A separate optional program independent of the PMS can be supplied for an owner to create and manage a list of General Stores that they can send to the PMS, from which the staff on board can create requisitions.

Circulating Parts

Circulating parts are listed on the ‘Circulating Parts’ page, individual parts and can be moved from their working position to the store and from there to a new location by a simple ‘drag & drop’ method. Jobs can be allocated to be carried out when in use with an alternative job for when in storage. Movements of circulating components are automatically recorded and any work done can be added to their records.

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